Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Best Kept Secret in Las Vegas: Las Vegas Media ("Old Timer's)" Group

Cork Proctor is one popular guy! 
LVMG Member, Mark Massagli
introduces his old friend, Cork Proctor

On Monday, October 21st, Cork was the guest speaker at the Las Vegas Media Group luncheon.  Cork expatriated to Ecuador, South America about a year ago and is living "in Eden" as he calls it.  He let me and several members of the group know that he would be in attendance at the October lunch and would love to share his new life experiences with the group members.  We began to put the word out a few months ago, and for Cork's part, he let some of his cronies know where to find him on that particular date. 

The response was overwhelming, to say the least.  Normally, our group attendance for the monthly Media Group lunches runs anywhere from 35-45 people.  I knew to anticipate a few extra bodies because I was getting phone calls and emails from Cork's friends that they'd like to attend.  However, this is a group that, for the most part, doesn't know the meaning of "RSVP."  Try as I might, each month I encourage group members (160+ receive my meeting reminder emails) to let me know if they are going to come or not.  If I am lucky, 10 percent do so.  So, I usually call in a head count based on instinct. 

For Cork's appearance I called in a conservative 40.  Our wonderful food server, Patty, heard the hesitation in my voice.  I don't like to be wrong on the head count because if I call in for 40 and only 35 show up then we have to pay for 40 - that's $17.00 out-of-pocket.  Patty shared after the Monday lunch that she was planning on more than my 40.  Then, LVMG angel, Gretchen Payne, who, along with her hubby, Don take the money at the door on meeting days, also had a sneaking suspicion that we'd be bombarded.  Gretchen called Patty and said, "plan on 50."  She also suspected we'd have more than the usual crowd. 

None of us expected the actual numbers of people that showed, however. 

I could not be attendance so just before noon on Monday the 21st, I texted a member and asked for an update.  When I checked my messages at 2:00 pm I was shocked to read that a total headcount of 69 people had been in attendance!  Thank goodness I have people who didn't take my first prediction seriously!  We would have run out of food.

There are two lessons to be learned from this experience: 1) Don't underestimate the popularity of Cork Proctor or other Las Vegas icons.  The masses want to hear their stories, and 2) RSVPs are necessary so anyone reading this post who wants to attend the "Best Kept Secret in Las Vegas" - Beware - RSVP or risk not having a seat to the best show in town or a plate of the best fare from the Wedding Room.

Las Vegas Media ("Old Timer's) Group meetings are every third Monday of the month.  If you love Las Vegas history, this is a must-attend event. 

And, I hold the keys to your admittance!

Enjoy some of the photos from the Cork Proctor Experience!

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Cork at the mic, photo courtesy of Nelson Sardelli

Cork holding court, photo courtesy of Joe Thomson

Always the comedian.  Cork Proctor
photo courtesy of Nelson Sardelli

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