Wednesday, September 11, 2013

August 2013 Meeting with the Getters

What a great meeting we had on Monday, Aug. 19.  Joining the group via a SKYPE chat was our leader, Frank Mitrani.  I can’t believe we didn’t think to do this sooner; Frank was able to watch the comings and goings, talk and see his old friends, and stay with us for most of the presentation (until the computer battery ran out.  I forgot to bring the cord!).  It was so good to see Frank and his beautiful wife, Jean.  As you know, Frank is going through some health challenges and can’t make it our meetings for the time being, so being able to visit with him this way was the next best thing!

A member chats with Frank
John Getter and his wife, Pat were are team speakers.  Both shared a bit of their history as authors, journalists, and now as public speakers.  Pat gave some wonderful anecdotes about her pre-Las Vegas history when she and her mother visited as tourists.  It gave a different perspective to all of us Las Vegas Old Timers!  In addition to the photographs, check out brief snippets of their talk on our YouTube Channel

John and Pat Getter

A few brief announcements:

Michele Light (I provided her surname incorrectly in my Meeting Reminder – please accept my apology!), from UNLV’s Special Collections will speak to the group at the September 16th meeting.

Cork Proctor, funny man and now living in Ecuador, will be home for a visit and is coming to tell us all about his recent life change and adventures for the October 21st lunch meeting, Rollie Gibbs said that the Las Vegas High School Alumni Reunion (always a great event!) will be held at the Orleans on September 7.  Anyone interested in attending can contact Rollie at 702 873-7939.  Talk about having Las Vegas history in one room!  This is the place.

Rich Friedland and his band, Zodiac Dragon, performs this Saturday at the AFAN Black & White Party.  To find out more or to buy tickets, go to the Website.

Birthday Well Wishes this month go to:

Harriet Trudell
Terry Williams
Len Yelinek

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