Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September Meeting Recap with UNLV's Michelle Light

A full house at Monday’s (Sept. 16) Las Vegas Media Group meeting; we have over 40 people there.  Many visitors from UNLV came to support Special Collections director, Michelle Light. 

Michelle Light
Photo courtesy of Joe Thomson
Michelle talked about the treasures housed at the library, brought some of the items from the collections,  
and explained how members could donate their own Las Vegas history so it would be accessible to the general public and cared for professionally.  It was a great, informative talk.  After the meeting I saw several members getting more information from the Michelle, Claytee White, and Su Kim Chung.  We hope to see these new faces at future LVMG meetings! 

Rich was not at the meeting, so a big THANK YOU to Joe Thomson for facilitating.  We had a great raffle of prizes (as always, thanks to Phil Jensen for always bringing in books!), a great meal, and wonderful conversations, including SKYPE visits from Frank Mitraini (from Kanab, Utah) and Cork and Carolyn all the way from Ecuador.  Remember, Cork Proctor will be our October speaker. 

Lisa has a favor to ask.  As most of you know she won’t be at the next few meetings so in order for her to send out these recaps, hearing from the members who do attend about what took place at the meeting will be much appreciated.  Just send her a quick email with who and what happened and she’ll include it in the recap email and on our blog.  Thanks in advance for your help!

A couple of upcoming events of interest:

Oscar Goodman will be signing copies of his book at a fundraiser for the Doberman Rescue organization.  Members Pat and John Getter are very involved so contact them for more information. 

On October 20, UNLV is hosting an event to celebrate the Oral History Research Center’s 10th anniversary with a meet & greet of members of the Las Vegas music community who were interviewed for the project, ALL THAT JAZZ.  To find out more and to RSVP, contact Claytee White at 702 895-2222

UNLV is also presenting and AUTHOR SERIES of events.  The first author to speak on October 6 is Rex J. Rowley, who wrote Everyday Las Vegas: Local Life in a Tourist Town. 
Go to wwwl.library.unlv.edu/author-rsvp for more information and to RSVP. 


Marlene Adrian
Wally Carson
Carl Harley
Rollie Gibbs
Lisa Gioia-Acres
Judy Reich
Nelson Sardelli
Z.Z. Zorn

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